From Backstreet to Highstreet: How Cannabis has Entered the Mainstream

The $31.96 Billion Global Cannabis Market - An Insights Report & Investor Guide to Cannabis on the ASX

Cannabis has slowly risen to mainstream status after decades of being relegated to the backstreets, becoming a valuable medical treatment for a range of ailments and disorders.

This Thematica report examines the companies that shape the cannabis sector and how it is disrupting the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries by bringing illicit drugs off the streets and into the boardrooms.

What does this mean for investors? With over 40 ASX-listed stocks operating in the cannabis sector, a broader understanding of the market is necessary.

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Get to know the cannabis market & invest with confidence.

Our report provides you with valuable information on the industry and the companies that are positioned for success in this burgeoning sector.

  Chapter One

Understand the current cannabis landscape. Get to know the leading companies, the current challenges they are facing and how they are innovating for continued growth and investment.

 Chapter Two

Cannabis policy is rapidly changing the way companies operate. What does this mean for investors and what opportunities does it provide moving forward for ASX listed companies? 

  Chapter Three

What does the future of cannabis look like? Explore how companies are developing their strategy for long term growth.

 Chapter Four

With over 40 countries having some form of legalized cannabis, our report gives you insight as to what comes next with an introduction to the emerging psychedelics market and companies to watch.

Entering the Mainstream

Get to know the stories behind the companies revolutionising the industry, understand how other investors are planning for cannabis investments and explore the impacts of changing legislation with case studies. 

Company Features

Hear from leading companies across Australia including Althea, Elixinol, Creso Pharma and more on the products they are creating for medicinal use.

Consumer & Investor Insights

Dive into investor insights with valuable information on how other investors are planning their cannabis investments for the future.

Case Studies

How has the legalisation of medicinal marijuana impacted individuals? Hear from consumers who have changed the way they think about cannabis.

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